If you’re over 30 years old, this is not the world you grew up in and its not hard to create a list of how the world has changed. We see it almost daily - online and in our lives. We can FEEL the difference. It’s  a tangible tension that rarely seems to ease.

It’s not only political or pandemic-related [that’s too narrow and near-sighted], it’s cultural. The changes are broad in spectrum and their genesis goes back further than we realize. 

Current events have exacerbated what we feel and the cultural current appears to be running harder. The tension between the world and faithfully following Christ isn’t new. In fact, there is plenty of scriptural evidence that should inform what we feel. This isn’t a “new normal,” but an ongoing conflict we have ignored or been ignorant of. 

Can our faith survive the raging cultural current? Is it possible to thrive in a corrupt culture that has not only abandoned truth, but appears hostile to its proclamation?

It is God’s will that we learn to love well and proclaim the truth with our lives. Through this study, we will look at the life of an exile in a pagan and corrupt culture. Daniel’s life is an excellent example for learning to engage the culture without compromising our faith.