LiFE Studies

Connect relationally – Grow spiritually

Calvary is a community and our goal in LiFE Studies is to learn and grow together. On Sunday mornings, we are connecting the Bible with life. Our men and women have a study that applies God’s Word to their lives. 

We believe that relationships deepen when we build an atmosphere that encourages conversation and discussion. As people share their lives, trust is built, and friendships are forged. As we discuss life and apply Scripture, our faith and our fellowship are strengthened. 

Join us for LiFE Studies at Calvary – Wednesday nights at 6:30 pm.

For more information on our current LiFE Studies CLICK HERE.

Worship &
Tech Ministry

Our goal is for people to have a personal encounter with Jesus. This happens when we move from singing “about” Jesus (that’s horizontal) to singing “to” Him (that’s a vertical worship experience). 

Our worship team is diverse and talented. The first part of our ministry job description reads, “Must be a worshipper.” This also includes our tech team helping with audio and visual aspects of the worship service. 

The bottom line: we know that apart from Christ, we can do nothing. All honor, glory, and praise to Him!

KidZone Ministries

Our children’s ministry takes place during the 10:00 am Celebration Service. Our goal is to engage children through kid-friendly worship and foundational Bible lessons. Our approach is creatively simple: we want to help kids learn to love God, to love one another, and to tell the world about Jesus.

Engage Student Ministries

We want our students to own their ministry. That’s why Engage is designed to encourage students to connect with God and with each other. On Wednesday nights, we meet for  worship, and Bible study with Pastor Trevor and Pastor Christine, and time to hang-out following the service.

HonorBound Men's Ministry

Being a Christian man in our world today demands a clear vision of God’s priorities and being connected in friendship with other like-minded men for encouragement and support. 


The goal of the HonorBound is to enhance the Godly leadership qualities of every man at Calvary. In the home, he will be a loving husband and father. In the church, he will express the heart of a true worshipper and be involved in various ministries. In his work and in the community, he will be a role model. 

HonorBound will accomplish this through small group Bible studies, fellowship, and i-Serve opportunities. We are committed to equipping men to follow Jesus and become all God intends them to be.

Sisterhood Women's Ministry

Our women’s ministry represents a beautiful, multifaceted, and ever-expanding company of women from different backgrounds and seasons of life. Sisterhood Women's Ministry meet for connection through Bible study, fellowship, and service opportunities. Sisterhood Women walk by faith, growing in their love for God, and one another.

We want every woman at Calvary to understand that she is magnificently designed on purpose by her Creator and that when we are connected and united as one, we are stronger and shine brighter! Our goal is to reveal the Light of heaven in our homes, communities, and the world!

Encore Seniors Ministry

As we enter the later years of our lives, cultural and family expectations do not always line up with what God is telling us. Things will change as we age, but as long as we have breath, God has a plan for us. 

At Calvary, the seniors meet monthly to encourage each other, participate in ministry and service opportunities, and have fun. Our seniors understand the importance of seeking God’s plan for our lives, as we continue to stay active in ministry and fellowship. This is our encore for life and ministry!

i-Serve Ministries

Serving the Lord often means serving one another and the needs of those around us. i-Serve has multiple expressions at Calvary, but our goal is to “see a need - meet a need.”

  • In our church fellowship, caring for the needs of our congregation through Shay’s Pantry, providing rides, and service projects for individuals and families at Calvary.

  • In our community, participating in various service opportunities. Some examples include: Nursing Home Ministry, Habitat for Humanity, Mission Hope for Kids, Helping Hand of Hope, Harvest America, and Clarity Solutions for Women. 

We want to follow Jesus’ example because He came to serve (John 13:1-17).

Transformation Christian Counseling

We are transformed as our minds are renewed. This truth forms the foundation of Transformation Christian Counseling. God invites us to come to Him and He will teach us and give us rest. Sometimes the pressures of modern life make that challenging. 

In individual, couples’ and family sessions, Debby Green offers Biblical-based counseling, guided by the Holy Spirit. We believe this makes it possible for us to assess the areas in our lives that are causing stress, identify wrong thinking patterns, and determine changes that need to be made. 

This ministry is offered as a free service to our church members and is open to our community for a nominal fee.